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This cozy scent has a rich sweetness that can summon memories of fragrant honey or dried pipe tobacco. Spiced Honey and Tonka Bean is a captivating blend of honey, spices, vanilla and tobacco leaves, with a smooth woody base.

Spiced Honey & Tonka Bean

PriceFrom $7.95
  • All of our candles are made from 100% all natural soy wax. Making candles from soy wax is not only more safe and natural (made from soy beans) but also supports local farming. Soy candles are better because they do not contain Paraffin. Paraffin is made from petroleum and when burned releases carcinogenic fumes into your home. Soy candles burn cleaner, last longer and hold their scent longer. In addition, we use all natural wicks made from cotton. So your purchase supports local farmers and the environment.  

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